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On June 28th, Los Angeles will witness the emergence of the “Backyard Musical,” as a legitimate form of live rock tribute, as “A Night of 1000 Bob Segers” takes the stage at Silverlake’s The Satellite.  

Half jukebox musical a la “Rock of Ages,” half tribute band performance, “A Night of 1000 Bob Segers” will take the audience on a no-budget journey through a semi-fictitious version of Bob Seger’s career. The show includes a live band, actors singing and dancing their way through Seger’s biggest hits and a story by JD Ryznar, writer of the cult web series “Yacht Rock.”

Ryznar explains how the show was born of a desire to showcase Seger’s catalogue in an original way, “The point isn’t to tell Bob Seger’s life story, it’s to show what we wish was Bob Seger’s life story. What’s the version of Bob Seger’s life that can make his badass songs even more badass?” Ryznar will also take the stage as the modern day Bob Seger, acting as host and narrator. “My role is to move the story along so our cast doesn’t have to memorize many lines and to kill time for set changes.”

Producer David B. Lyons has been through this before. He began experimenting with the backyard musical format in 2012, when he produced a low budget version of The Who’s “Tommy” behind a bar in LA’s warehouse district.  “We took two hours of pretentious shit, and turned it into 45 minutes of solid gold,” said Lyons, who went on to explain the format. “We gathered a band of our talented friends and rehearsed for a few weeks. So it was easy for different performers to step into an already set piece.  Almost like karaoke, but way sweeter, because I picked the songs.”

A huge part of the show is the live band, Jason Makiaris and the Bobsegers, led by musical director Jason Makiaris. “I’m not sure the audience knows exactly how much fun this is going to be,” said Makiaris. “They’re going to be blown away by the tremendous group of performers we have lined up for them.”

Multiple actors will portray Bob Seger, each pulled from corners of the comedy world. They will include Jeff B. Davis (Whose Line is It Anyway), Tim Heidecker (Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!), John Konesky (Tenacious D), Hunter Stair (Yacht Rock) and renowned stand up comedians Kyle Kinane, Matt Braunger and Mike Burns. On his excitement for the event, Burns said, “With Seger as our co-pilot, this night has no where to go but up. Or possibly stumbling to an Uber after pounding a thousand Stroh’s.”

The audience is encouraged to dress as their favorite versions of Bob Seger. “We’re hoping to get at least 1000 Bob Segers in the house, which will be a challenge as the venue’s capacity is only around 350,” said Ryznar.

“A Night of 1000 Bob Segers.” June 28th, 2014. The Satellite, 1717 Silverlake Blvd, Los Angeles California. $12 tickets at the door or www.tinyurl/1000segers. 


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